Finally, a Rapid, Baldrige-based Organizational Assessment

There is a new organizational assessment tool that you should be using. It’s called the ManageHub Success Score. It is a powerful, first-of-its-kind, Baldrige-based assessment that you can use to help measure and monitor the overall management health of any business, business unit, or non-profit.

The Success Score was created in collaboration with the Alliance for Performance Excellence. The Alliance is the outreach arm of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. Baldrige is recognized worldwide as a standard of organizational excellence.

The Success Score is comprised of 31 questions and takes about 20 minutes to complete. The Success Score measure six essential Baldrige-based organizational dimensions:

(1) Leadership

(2) Strategy

(3) Customer

(4) Workforce

(5) Operations

(6) Measurement.

Once completed, the Success Score can be compiled into a valuable 25-page report that identified gaps and suggests action steps.

“Wow. The Success Score is Intense.”

The Success Score forces leaders to really think about the maturity of their management capabilities. Do not expect simple questions. High levels of maturity require the simultaneous integration of multiple Baldrige-based areas (Leadership, Strategy, Customer, Workforce, Operations, and Measurement.) As one respondent said, “Wow, the Success Score is Intense. It really made me think about my business from several perspectives at once. It was eye opening.”

Also, do not worry about low scores. The Success Score is an opportunity to identify gaps. The feedback report provides you with valuable insights for quickly filling gaps. What is important is that you use the Success Score to assess your organization’s current capabilities so that you can design a prioritized improvement plan.

Here are a few comments from leaders who recently took the ManageHub Success Score Assessment:

“The assessment was very interesting and thorough. It stressed the important issues that need to be addressed in a competitive and successful organization.”

“I have a ton of work to do, but at least I now know it.”

“Good questions to consider and easy to understand.”

“Very helpful because the questions hit the essential key areas to achieving sustainable, profitable growth.”

“The assessment clarified areas we are failing to address.”

“I found this survey to be very beneficial. It showed me areas that we are strong in an a few areas that need work. I like how it was broken down into specific areas. The survey also allowed me recognize what areas need additional focus.”


How Will You Leverage the Success Score?

The Success Score is a flexible assessment tool that you can use in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the organization.

Use it as an educational tool. Use it to help determine the value a business from the critical point-of-view of a buyer. Use it as the basis for a preferred vendor program. Use it to measure and monitor improvement over time. It can also be combined with the ManageHub Accelerator and ManageHub Software as part of a comprehensive turnaround, continuity, or exit strategy.

How will you use the Success Score?

Benchmark, Measure, and Monitor Improvement

Use the Success Score to establish an organization’s current state of management maturity based on the six Baldrige-based dimensions: Leadership, Strategy, Customer, Workforce, Operations, and Measurement.  Then retake the Success Score at regular intervals to measure the effectiveness of your improvement initiatives.

Education and Sales

Use the Success Score feedback report to provide business owners with insight into their organizations’ management gaps. It offers business advisers a credible document to structure a valuable coaching conversation. It can be used to help business leaders think differently about their management approach. It also identifies simple ways to help accelerate their success. You could also check out salesforce pipeline to see where prospects are in your sales process, this can be a really useful tool for your business.

Supply-Chain Certification

You can combine the Success Score with other ManageHub tools to create a more effective preferred vendor or certification program. The Success Score approach replaces costly (and often ineffective) after-the-fact audits with ongoing monitoring. In addition to monitoring the six Baldrige-based dimensions, ManageHub’s innovative approach is fully customizable by a supply-chain manager to monitor the specific processes they associate with risk and qualification.

Exit, Succession, Transition Planning

Use the Success Score feedback report to help determine the value of a business from the point-of-view of potential buyers. Also, use the report to quickly identify gaps and design, implement, and measure an exit planning strategy. Your objective is to fill any gaps that might reduce the company’s selling price or cause buyers to demand deal-breaking terms. (

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Mike Kramer, CPA