Baldrige 101: An Overview Webcast

Baldrige Sets the Standard for Management Excellence

Of all the best known business improvement approaches, the gold-standard of quality management is the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. It was established by the United States Congress in mid 1980’s to encourage American companies to improve their performance by adopting tried-and-true best practices. The Baldrige approach has since been adopted worldwide by governments and companies alike.



The ManageHub Accelerator, including our book, software, tools, and ongoing research project, and the ManageHub Success Score are all designed to reflect the essential aspects of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. Our goal is to provide smaller organizations (and departments of larger organizations) with an easier, lower cost, faster onramp to implement Baldrige-based best practices. Here are a few ways that we help:


1 = Leadership:

Effective leadership requires you to create a company-wide “management framework.” Use your framework to develop and implement your company’s unique mission, vision and values.

The ManageHub Accelerator and software help you:

managehub favicon Define your company’s mission, vision and value

managehub favicon Develop and implement a holistic management framework

managehub favicon Teach you and key employees how to become role models who promote a culture of excellence

managehub favicon Motivate, support and recognize your best employees


2 & 3 = Strategic Planning & Customer/Market Focus:

Effective strategic planning requires you to tie your company’s objectives to evolving customer needs and market dynamics. It requires you to implement your company’s mission and vision using a clearly defined, aligned and communicated strategic plan. Your plan must be supported by relevant policies, initiatives, objectives, targets and processes.

The ManageHub Accelerator and software help you:

managehub favicon Define, align, review and update strategies at the department, process and employee levels

managehub favicon Communicate your strategies to all employees so everyone pulls your business in the same direction

managehub favicon Encourage your employees to share their insight into customer complaints, issues, problems, and changing needs and wants.

managehub favicon Engage your employees to develop and improve your strategies

managehub favicon Engage your employees to implement your strategies


4 = Knowledge Management:

Creating a sustainable and scalable business depend on the creation and communication of needed measurements, analysis and knowledge.

The ManageHub Accelerator and software help you:

managehub favicon Break down knowledge silos by engaging frontline employees to document and improve their own areas of responsibility

managehub favicon Encourage collaboration by empowering employees to report their ideas for improving your company to a centralized “switchboard.”

managehub favicon Encourage, empower and incentivize employees to share their knowledge

managehub favicon Link knowledge to process areas for continual improvement feedback


5 = Workforce Focus:

Effective employee management requires you to engage the full potential of your people at an individual, team and organization-wide level. You must ensure your employees support your company’s strategies and the consistent operation of its processes.

The ManageHub Accelerator and software help you:

managehub favicon Engage and empower your employees to provide maximum value

managehub favicon Multiply the opportunity of employees to increase retention

managehub favicon Open two-way communication

managehub favicon Recognize employees for their ideas, input and the value of their work

managehub favicon Encourage employees to share their knowledge and insights

managehub favicon  Create employee learning plans that encourage job-sharing, cross-training, minimizing bottlenecks, maximizing sustainability and scalability

managehub favicon Free employees from their “job trap” so they can grow with your growing company

managehub favicon Reduce dependence on specific employees performing specific work.


6 = Process Management:

Process is at the heart of the ManageHub Accelerator approach. That is because, to sustain long-term growth and continued market relevance you need to design, manage and continually improve processes that support your strategies that create value for customers, owners, other stakeholders and society as a whole.

The ManageHub Accelerator and software help you:

managehub favicon Organize processes by department

managehub favicon Empower “process teams” to document the processes that they perform

managehub favicon Encourage employees to identify ways to improve processes to increase customer satisfaction, reduce waste, improve quality, etc.

managehub favicon Engage employees to improve the processes they perform


7 = Results

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

The ManageHub Accelerator and software help you:

managehub favicon Identify and track progress related to employee performance, process improvement and strategic implementation with accountability and transparency.