Let ManageHub help you build a vibrant, profitable, and respected business coaching practice. Our turnkey coaching solution provides you with everything you need to get started.


Give Your Clients the Tools They Need to Break Through to Their Next Level of Success!

ManageHub coaching engagements are designed to produce incredible impact and measurable results that help you create happy, long-term clients.

ManageHub's mission is to dramatically improve the success rates of small businesses by helping them adopt the same kinds of management practices used by the largest and most successful companies to become highly organized, innovative, productive, and profitable.

ManageHub is based upon the U.S. Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, the United States standard of management excellence. Your role as coach is to help guide and support your client's adoption using our non-technical, non-theoretical, and practical approach.

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Valuable deliverables that result in measurable benefits.

Create a Living Operating Manual

Help your clients free their time and delegate responsibility by creating a set of step-by-step procedures that document the valuable know-how of operating their business.

Turn Strategic Plans into Action Plans

One of the reasons the ManageHub Accelerator is so valuable is that it focuses on implementing the company's strategic plan. As a strategic coach, you will support, monitor and report progress.

Create an Automated Management System

Every company needs to automate their management process like they automate any other critical operational process. This helps makes the company sustainable, scalable, and saleable.

Create a Culture of Innovation and Collaboration

Innovation and collaboration do not happen by themselves. They must be managed. Your role is to facilitate a highly valuable employee-powered innovation cycle.

Engage Employees as Active Participants

Employees are the eyes and ears of the business. They know what is working and what is broken. You will help encourage participants to report and resolve their issues and ideas.

Use ManageHub Coaching to Launch New Services.

ManageHub's Baldrige-Based "Success Score" Assessments Are Exclusively Available Through the ManageHub Coaching Network.

Each detailed 25-page assessment analyzes six Baldrige-based dimensions associated with achieving long term success: Leadership, Strategy, Customer-Focus, Workforce, Operations, and Measurements.

The ManageHub Success Score is an innovative tool that you can use to attract new clients, drive new value to existing clients, and measure the impact of your ongoing engagements.

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Use ManageHub's 4-Step Exit Strategy Process to Help Quickly Prepare a Business For Sale, Succession, or Franchise.

As a ManageHub Coach, you provide your client with essential encouragement, accountability, and support services. Your objective is to help your client maximize their company's selling price and avoid deal breaking terms.

You can also help your client avoid problems after the sale by providing the buyer with the support they need to transition into their new leadership position.

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Build your local ManageHub community of business owners.

Imagine the impact you can have helping businesses in your community grow, innovate, and succeed.

Small Businesses are often referred to as the "backbone of the economy." However, the SBA and Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal a frightening decline in small businesses contribution to employment and GDP. For the first time ever, the number of small businesses that failed outpaced the number of new startups.

We need your help to reverse the trend. That's why the ManageHub Accelerator is reaching out to qualified management professionals to refocus the skills they used to help larger companies succeed on helping small businesses. Together we can help change the world, one small business at a time.

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Download your copy of the 11-page ManageHub coaching FAQs. It includes everything you need to get started, including an interactive ROI calculator.


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"I compared ManageHub to other business coaching solutions and I was surprised how much value I receive for a minimal monthly licensing fee. I found most other coaching systems have significant upfront fees in excess of $10,000; they require a monthly dues of about $1000; and, some would even take a percentage of my coaching fees. These other solutions cost more money, and their solutions seem less robust. ManageHub is a much more fair and a much better deal."