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A Family Owned Business Prepares For Another 40-Years of Success

L&R Lawn Equipment and Repair, located in Lannon, Wisconsin was founded in 1967 by owner Randy Seder. L&R has a long history of serving customers successfully. However, the last ten years have been tough. In addition to an unpredictable economy, Randy faced new competitors… [Read More]

Sales Up From $750,000 to $12,000,000. Employees Up from 20 to 200. Locations Up From 3 to 8 Centers

Excellence has always been the priority for North Shore Pediatric Therapy, the first and only fully integrated health and wellness center serving children and young adults. Founded in 1999 by Deborah Michael, an occupational therapist, NSPT invented the concept of… [Read More]

A Solo-Entrepreneur Learns That Creating a Systematic Business Benefits Every Sized Company

I met Joel about 10 year ago, before the great recession, and before the real estate bubble burst. At that time he was a solo-entrepreneur who was just a few years in business. He was bright-eyed, super-intelligent, and full of all of the hope, excitement, and worries… [Read More]
  • "Oh, thank you!  I'm so excited! It is very sobering to realize I am the "bottleneck" in a lot of instances."
    Wedding Dress Designer
  • " I love systems so I am excited about the process. The reward will be the freedom from carrying around disorganized information in my head. I need room for ideas to flow. The program as a whole is giving me the jumpstart I need. At the perfect time too which is awesome.  Thanks!"
    Owner, Event Planning Business
  • "Thanks …. I’m excited to work on this as it was something I was planning to do anyway as I really needed to streamline some of the processes."
    Owner, Christmas Tree Delivery and Setup
  • "Thank you very much for creating this wonderful program.  I haven't been this excited about business development since, well, I don't know when.  This is just what I need to take me to the next level.  I look forward to working together and learning everything you have to offer."
    Owner, Construction Company
  • "ManageHub definitely helps us to start developing a plan for our business operation by laying out all the processes/tasks we operate.  Thank you so much and we are looking forward to learn more and do more to make our business grow!"
    Health Club Owner
  • "Thank you!  The Accelerator made me think a lot on how my processes are now, and how they can improve."
    Restaurant Owner/Chef
  • "I LOVE ManageHub and its clean user interface, simplicity, intuitive navigation and notification flexibility.  I don't know if I told you before or not ... I'm a collaboration portal "devotee and buff. You have one enthusiastic user!"
    Chief Operating Officer, Medical Practice
  • "Thanks so much for your efforts to help small businesses thrive!  I am overwhelmed in a positive way with all the information that we’ve gone over...... the clarity I gained for the benefit of my clients was invaluable."
    Financial Planner
  • "This is awesome stuff.  Still learning but moving fast....  We have had ‘processes’ as a result of Emyth forever.  We operate under the 7 principals, and under our amoeba type organization, person A is person B’s supervisor in some cases and B is A’s supervisor in others.  We did it , but never felt that it was “OK”.  ManageHub organizes the amoeba finally."
    Music Store Owner

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ManageHub Partners With the Best: The Alliance for Performance Excellence

The ManageHub Accelerator was selected to be a key partner of the Alliance for Performance Excellence. The Alliance is the outreach arm of the U.S. Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. The Alliance includes 33 member organizations. The Alliance and ManageHub share a mission of helping all sized organizations benefit from Baldrige-based excellence. ManageHub's turnkey suite of tools is viewed as a path to finally fulfilling Congress's intent of using Baldrige to help small businesses become more innovative, lean operating, customer focused, and prepared to grow in the long-term.