Create Your ManageHub Continuous Improvement Cycle.

ManageHub creates a self-sustaining, employee-powered continuous improvement cycle. It does this by leveraging the power of social networking to encourage every user to report their ideas for improving the organization directly to the individuals or teams who can take action.







ManageHub creates an ongoing and self sustaining culture of continuous improvement:

—Assign each suggestion and issue to its relevant Manager, Department, and/or process team to alert the right people.
—Open direct lines of communication between your employees and your process-teams.

—Create a culture where employes are comfortable and encouraged to share ideas, suggestions, and problems with the relevant process-teams. 
—Empower process teams to vet and resolve the issues related to their areas of responsibility and expertise.
—Leverage the knowledge, ideas, and insights of your employees to improve product quality, consistency, customer satisfaction, and eliminate waste. 
—Use the discussion icon to create a communication workspace where participants work to resolve issues without the need for meetings, email, interruptions, or distractions.

The ManageHub’s Continuous Improvement Cycle creates a highly flexible organization that is able to outmaneuver its competition by empowering employees to drive the right information to the right people. With one click of the discussion icon on the ManageHub home screen, a user can report a customer complaint, suggest a way to reduce waste, improve productivity, increase quality, open a new market, report competitive intelligence, or share an idea, all directed towards its relevant manager, department, and process team.