STEP #1: Identify and Fill Gaps in Your Organization's CyberSecurity Work Activities

A certified ManageHub Security Coach will help you quickly build or strengthen your organization's cyber security program.

ManageHub's online workspaces minimizes the need for costly and disruptive onsite consultants. Instead, you and your team simply upload process documentation for review. Your ManageHub Security Coach will then approve the process or offer feedback when needed.

STEP #2: Monitor the Performance of Your Organization's Work Activities and Manage Their Continuous Improvement

Your certified ManageHub Security Coach will continually review your organization's "living" SIG to help ensure your processes are performing as expected.

ManageHub's online workspaces help you avoid the time and worry of preparing a SIG for auditors. Instead, you upload required documents into your "living" SIG as they are created. Your certified ManageHub Security Coach then reviews and approves the document or offers feedback for quick resolution. At last you will have the peace of mind knowing that you are always audit ready. It also helps ensure your organization benefits from its critical security processes.

STEP #3: Measure Your Improvement and Achieve Award-Level Recognition

As your security capabilities improve your certified ManageHub Coach will use the Security Success Score assessment to measure your organization's current cyber security maturity.

The ManageHub Success Score was developed in collaboration with the Alliance for Performance Excellence. The Alliance is the outreach arm of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. Baldrige is a worldwide standard or organizational excellence. It is one of the most researched and validated methods for achieving continuous, transformative, and breakthrough improvement. As your organization improves, your ManageHub Security Coach can nominate you for an ISSA-Alliance Award for Security Excellence.


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"ManageHub Security offers you a simple, step-by-step approach to streamline and improve your security compliance program. ManageHub helps you quickly build the organizational capabilities you need to achieve a high standard of security excellence. At the same time, ManageHub helps you engage your people, reduce cost, effort, and frustration."

STEVE HUNT, ISSA Hall of Fame Recipient

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The report consists of your aggregate Success Score and a customized assessment for 30 essential cybersecurity processes and six Baldrige-based dimensions: Leadership, Strategy, Customer, Workforce, Operations, and Measurement.

ManageHub is proud to work with the Alliance for Performance Excellence

The Alliance is made up of 33 independent state and regional Baldrige-based outreach programs.

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Useful info

  • The Cybersecurity Success Score survey assesses 30 essential security processes.
  • Completing the Success Score survey should only take about 20 minutes.
  • Review your results with a ManageHub Cybersecurity Coach who can help you create an improvement plan.
  • You can retake the ManageHub Cybersecurity Success Score survey to measure your improvement over time.