Knowledge Management: Driving the Right Information to the Right People.

ManageHub’s integrated knowledge management system makes it easy to capture, store, and continuously update all of your organization’s valuable know-how. Use it to organize your policies, procedures and training methods by process area. Also, use it to store documents, minutes, and client related files.




ManageHub’s Knowledge Management system offers significant advantages over traditional knowledge management systems:

—Use knowledge icon to contribute knowledge.
—Use popup data entry window to assign your knowledge to a manager, department, or process team to alert the right people to your new information. 
—Use the update key to save your entry to create a knowledgebase workspace. 
—Use tabbed workspace sections to keep your collaboration organized.
—Use link boxes to provide you with handy access to attached documents and external links.
—Use the built in text editor to compose a policy, procedure, training plan, or other important knowhow.
—Use the Activity Tab to provide you with a history of all the changes made to your knowledgebase entry from the moment it was created.
—Use the Versions Tab to review and restore a prior version of your knowledgebase entry.

The ManageHub Knowledge Management system helps create a company culture of continuous improvement by encouraging employees to constantly document and improve process knowhow. ManageHub’s Knowledgbase entries should include all of the policies, step-by-step procedures, training methods, videos, schematics, flowcharts, or any other information that helps define the process’s current standard of excellence. In addition, each knowledgebase entry is associated with a process, its process team, and department in order to foster continuous improvement and collaboration.