Permissions: Three Ways to Manage User Access

ManageHub allows you to assign a user to one of four “User Types.” Each type allows the user to access more or less content posted in your ManageHub workspaces.

Super User = Admin: Default permissions allow them to anything except create more Super Users. This capability is limited to the person who originally created the ManageHub account.

Full Strategic View = Department Manager: Default permissions allow this user to navigate the company’s department and process structure and comment but generally does not allow them to edit. This User Type is meant for those who are key stakeholders and decision makers.

Limited Strategic View = Front Line Employees: Default permission allow this user to navigate the departments and process work spaces that they are assigned to. They cannot navigate the company’s department and process structure. This user type is meant for front line employees.

Restricted = Outsiders: Default permissions do not allow this user access to anything that they are not specifically assigned to. They do not have access to the company’s employee listing and they cannot navigate the department and process structure.


mh permissions1

The “Manage Permissions” administrative option lets you review and modify default permission levels assigned to User Types assuming specific roles.


mh permissions3


The “People Tab” allows you to review and adjust default permissions for the related workspace.


mh permissions4