Prince Bros, Inc. is a 45-year-old trucking company located Antigo, Wisconsin. They employ fifteen people and have a fleet of nine semi-trailers that are all nearly continuously on the road delivering freight all over the continental United States.

In June 2015, Prince began to implement ManageHub Software to get very organized, engage their employees, and transform their business from stressful to successful.

ManageHub ( is online employee engagement software that organizes people into self-managed process teams. Employees use the software to document and improve their own work. It performs like a virtual quality-circle where employees learn how to work together to improve the company. “We knew something had to change,” Sabrina said, “However, until we started using ManageHub, we did not have a solution that was easy to implement and that we could afford.”

Prior to implementing ManageHub, Prince faced the typical problems experienced by most small businesses. “Our company was disorganized chaos,” explains Sabrina, “We were constantly putting out the same fires. It was distracting, stressful, and costly.” The company’s inability to perform reoccurring processes with consistent quality was impacting sales, profits, and growth.

Prince used ManageHub to orchestrate a mini-turnaround. Their objective was to transform their business from chaos to calm. In just a few months, they began to see results. “Process knowledge, that was once stored in peoples’ heads, was now stored in ManageHub,” explains Wally Prince. “Then process teams used ManageHub to continually improve, refine, and share procedures to make sure they were efficient, low cost, and consistently performed.

In addition to helping optimize day-to-day operations, ManageHub helped Prince improve compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) paperwork requirements. “DOT paperwork can be very technical. It was frustrating when a form was due and no one could remember how we completed it just three months earlier,” explains Sabrina, “ManageHub provided us with the ability to have these occasional processes documented providing employees with instructions for completing forms accurately and quickly.”

Eric Messer, a ManageHub Coach, ( helped guide Prince every step of the way. Eric specializes in using ManageHub to help create more flexible and resilient companies. “It’s always fun for me when a new client turns on their ManageHub for the first time, and it’s populated with their company’s processes, issues, ideas, projects, and knowledge, all neatly organized and easy to manage,” explains Eric. “You can see the stress disappear from their faces. Instead, you see hope and smiles.”

“Running a trucking company can become overwhelming quickly. There are so many moving parts. One mistake can take days to recover and eat up our profits. Accuracy and consistency are paramount to our success. Thanks to ManageHub and the guidance of Eric Messer, we are transforming our business into a finely tuned machine.”

Sabrina Fraizer

In addition to using ManageHub Software, Eric uses the ManageHub Success Score Assessment to measure improvement in six Baldrige-based organizational dimensions. “As a business adviser,” explains Eric, “It is paramount that I am able to track successes and prove to the business owner that the system is working. The Success Score is the tool I was missing to do just that. Now we can show quarterly success, invigorating the owners and key personnel to continue down the path of sustainability.”

Prince has a new objective for their company. Their goal is to enable every employee to perform any job in the company with excellence and consistency. They are already starting to see this happen. For example, the Prince repair shop, where trucks are serviced, saw operations improve almost immediately. Wally Prince explains the impact. “When trucks come into the yard after being out on the road, our mechanics now know exactly what is expected of them. They follow a simple safety-check process that’s found in ManageHub. If service work is needed, there is a process for that. If the truck is ready to head back out, there’s a process for that too.” Wally continued. “Using ManageHub has made our fleet run smoother, leading to less costs to service the fleet, better trucks for our drivers, and safer trucks on the road.”



You can do it too!

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