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January 11, 2016
ManageHub Success Story: Costs down 20% – Profits up 30% – Confidence up 100%
February 5, 2016
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ManageHub Success Story: Sales up 200% – Profits up 125% – Stress down 2000%

L&R Lawn Equipment and Repair, located in Lannon, Wisconsin, (www.MowandSnow.com), was founded in 1967 by owner Randy Seder. L&R has a long history of serving customers successfully. However, the last ten years have been tough. In addition to an unpredictable economy, Randy faced new competitors, changing customer buying habits, and employees who were becoming liabilities rather than reliable resources. Randy had another concern: He wanted to make his business sustainable. “I have been building my business for nearly 50 years,” Randy explained, “I wanted it to last for another fifty.” Randy hired Eric Messer, a ManageHub Coach, to help assess L&R’s situation. (www.bbawi.com)

“I see the kinds of problems Randy faces all the time,” says Eric Messer, “From my point of view, he owned a job rather than a company. A company can stand on its own. However, in L&R’s case, it needed Randy and his key employees’ constant attention. I knew ManageHub could change this.”

Prior to adopting ManageHub, L&R saw sales and gross profits slowly decline. Profits were further squeezed by increasing labor and materials costs. To top it off, inefficiency and waste were also impacting bottom line results. “We just thought it was the cost of doing business in what we were calling “the new economy,” Randy explained. “I knew there had to be a better way.”

“Before using ManageHub, our business was chaotic at best. We had no idea what others were doing, and we had people doing the same jobs at the same time. Our operations were so out of line that it was costing us thousands of dollars without even knowing it. Now we are more organized, more creative, more efficient, and have a process to handle every situation that arises, making` training easier and profits soar.”
Steve Seder, Director of Operations, L&R Lawn Equipment and Repair

 In late 2013, the company began to implement ManageHub. ManageHub is a Baldrige-based management system that combines software with a very systematic improvement methodology. (www.ManageHubAccelerator.com) ManageHub allowed L&R to eliminate its knowledge silos so each employee was fully capable of doing any job in the business without a loss of quality, efficiency, or added cost. Furthermore, processes began to improve, as employees began using ManageHub to report and resolve problems related to inefficiency, customer complaints, and waste.

“It was like two different businesses,” says Randy, “The one before ManageHub and the one after. The one before was chaotic and full of waste. The one after ManageHub was like a finely tuned machine.” Randy continued, “Training new employees takes days rather than weeks now, and turnover is virtually nonexistent. Overall, our operations improved to the point that our employees can now work a normal 40-hour week, down from over 70-hours, and costs are finally under control,” he added. To date, gross sales have ballooned to over 200% and profits are up over 125%.”

“I am really proud of what they accomplished,” said Eric, “L&R is a true American success story. Imagine the impact on the economy and jobs if more business owners used ManageHub to transform their businesses.”


You can do it too!

If you are a business owner or manager interested in learning how you can use the ManageHub method to optimize your department or company, please visit www.ManageHubAccelerator.com. The Accelerator consists of four 90 minute on-demand video workshops. Each class focuses on building you company’s “management machine”.  Eric Messer can guide you every step of the way.

If you are a business coach or professional who wants to learn how to become a ManageHub Process Coach please visit: https://managehubaccelerator.com/become-a-managehub-coach  You will receive everything you need to get started. ManageHub is a simple, practical, turnkey solution that complements and enhances all the wonderful work you currently offer.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

Mike Kramer, CPA
847-675-8211  Skype = ManageHub

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