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February 9, 2016
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How We Grew from $750,000 to $12,000,000

North Shore Pediatric Therapy

Excellence has always been the priority for North Shore Pediatric Therapy, ( the first and only fully integrated health and wellness center serving children and young adults. Founded in 1999 by Deborah Michael, an occupational therapist, NSPT invented the concept of combining multiple therapeutic disciplines to serve patients holistically. Now in eight Chicago and suburban locations, NSPT’s integrated services include occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, applied behavior analysis, neuropsychology (diagnostics and treatment), social work, nutrition, and academic support including advocacy, tutoring and executive functioning.

“Our objective has always been to deliver excellence to every patient every time,” explains Dr. Michael, an OB/GYN and NSPT co-founder. “This required building an amazing team, maintaining a clear strategic vision, creating systematic operations, and being incredibly focused on our patient’s satisfaction. It also meant that excellence could not depend on any one person, including Deborah or myself. We knew that excellence had to become part of our company’s DNA.”

NSPT uses ManageHub, online management software to integrate all the moving part of their company. “To retain our position as an industry leader, it has been important for NSPT to remain efficient, nimble, and innovative. To help us manage all the moving parts, it was our good fortune to adopt ManageHub around ten years ago.”

ManageHub is Baldrige-based management software that organizes employees into process-teams. Each team is given an online workspace where employees work together to document and improve the work they perform. The workspaces function like virtual quality-circles where every employee can report and resolve issues, share improvement ideas, and contribute knowledge.

Incredible Growth

“ManageHub has allowed NSPT to not only sustain itself, but to weather the market threats that all healthcare organizations are facing,” Explains Dr. Michael, “In fact, despite all of our challenges, NSPT has grown from three to eight locations, from twenty employees to two hundred, and from revenue of $750,000 to $12 million.”

Since implementing ManageHub, NSPT completes more than fifty improvement projects per year, “without missing a beat,” said Dr. Michael. “Most employees are as engaged working on the company, as they are working in the company. Ideas are logged often, and we have a three week rule for the process owner to respond to the post. This gives everyone a voice in the company, and helps everyone feel like a stakeholder.”

 “ManageHub has allowed our organization to emphasize our core values and behaviors by encouraging collaboration among process teams, improving our existing processes, and identifying new processes to help achieve our vision,” said Amanda, NSPT’s Ambassador of Continuous Improvement. It is Amanda’s role to engage NSPT’s employees in ongoing collaboration using the ManageHub system. “Keeping key members of the process team informed allows everyone to understand how their processes affect the person sitting next to them, the person down the hall, and the person at another office location.”

An Eye on the Future

Part of NSPT’s 2027 Company Vision is to win the Baldrige National Quality Award for performance excellence. “The adoption of the ManageHub management system has been a key factor in the profound success that NSPT has experienced in the past ten years. We will now use ManageHub to help NSPT achieve the highest standards of Baldrige excellence,” said Dr. Michael.

According to the CEO, Maria Hammer, “We realize that if ManageHub use is optimized, then our performance as an organization is optimized. We need every customer interaction to be a meaningful experience. By hardwiring processes, and using ManageHub to manage and improve them, we can ensure that our vision for the customer experience will be realized. We pride ourselves with a company culture that promotes collaboration and recognition. Everyone is a leader and everyone has a voice. ManageHub gives our employees the platform to bring their creative ideas to the table and turn them into projects which helps us to reach optimal performance as a company.”

Dr. Michael said, “We are really proud of NSPT’s reputation in our community. We are recognized as a thought leader in pediatric therapy. NSPT has brought peace of mind to thousands of children and their families with our invigorating blend of positive environment, heroic staff, and blossoming kids. Most of all, NSPT provides kids with the ultimate discovery that their challenges can lead to strengths where happiness abound.”

You can do it too!

If you are a business owner or manager interested in learning how you can use the ManageHub method to optimize your department or company, please create your ManageHub Software Account at Once you sign up we will invite you to joint the ManageHub Accelerator. You will receive everything you need to start building you company’s incredible “management machine”.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

Mike Kramer, CPA

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