Manage Amazing Projects

ManageHub’s integrated project management system comes packed with great features like drag and drop task sorting, built-in issues resolution, automated message alerts, activity feeds, discussion forums, document attachments, link sharing, and knowledgebase integration. Use it to manage simple projects. Or, use it in combination with our Groups collaboration workspaces to manage more complex strategic initiatives or client engagements. There is even a duplicate option that makes it easy to setup repeat projects.



ManageHub Project Management offers significant advantages over traditional project management systems:

—Use edit icons and slide down panels to reveal project details.
—Use tabbed workspace sections to keep your project organized. 
—Use drag and drop task lists to sort your tasks.
—Use tabbed workspace sections to keep your collaboration organized.
—Use the “show more” icon to reveal all the details relating to the individual task.
—Use issues tab to reveal a conversation workspace where the project team can discuss and resolve the issue without emails or meetings.

The ManageHub Project Management system is a company wide system to implement internal strategic improvement initiatives. ManageHub’s Project Management system allows participants to identify and resolve project related problems collaboratively and internally, increasing productivity and reducing the need for inefficient emails and meetings. The power of ManageHub’s Project Management system is the ability to associate every project with its process and process workspace, associate that process with its corresponding groups and Comlogs, and associate them all within its corresponding department.