The ManageHub Success Score measures how well your company is adopting the essential management methods used by the most successful, innovative, and valuable companies. Use your score to design a customized improvement plan to help your business increase its sales, customer satisfaction, profits, and its competitive advantage.

The ManageHub Success Score is based on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Model

Baldrige is the United States Standard of management excellence. It is used worldwide by companies who want to be GREAT!

Baldrige codifies recommended management practices in its Criteria for Performance Excellence. It is one of the most researched and validated methods for achieving continuous, transformative, and breakthrough improvement.

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Assess six critical dimensions of your business, and how well they work together.

Your company's value and long-term success depends on how well you manage all its moving parts.

Your ManageHub Success Score identifies specific ways you can improve the way you lead, create strategies, engage your customers and employees, optimize your operations, and measure for success.

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The Success Score was developed in collaboration with the Alliance for Performance Excellence

The Alliance for Performance Excellence is the outreach arm of the Baldrige Enterprise

The Alliance and ManageHub share a mission to fulfill Congress's intent of using the Baldrige Framework to help all sized businesses become more innovative, lean operating, customer focused, valuable, and prepared to grow in the long-term.

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The ManageHub Success Score provides you with practical insights for improving your company.


The survey only takes about ten minutes to complete. You will receive instant access to your Success Score Summary Report.

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The report consists of your aggregate Success Score and a customized assessment for the six Baldrige-based dimensions: Leadership, Strategy, Customer, Workforce, Operations, and Measurement.

ManageHub is proud to work with the Alliance for Performance Excellence

The Alliance is made up of 37 independent state and regional Baldrige-based outreach programs.

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Useful info

  • The Success Score survey consists of 31 multiple-choice questions.
  • Completing the Success Score survey should only take about ten minutes.
  • Review your results with a ManageHub Coach who can help you create an improvement plan.
  • You can retake the ManageHub Success Score survey to measure your company's improvement over time.