"Many smaller partners lack the basic organizational foundation they need to produce consistent quality. Audits, surveys, filling out paperwork, and training courses may help but they will not solve the underlying problem. Instead, channel managers need to refocus on helping partners develop the internal management systems they need to create, implement, and continuously improve the processes related to achieving channel excellence. ManageHub's simple 4-step solution makes it possible."

STEVE HUNT, Hunt Business Intelligence

STEP #1: Success Score Assessment

The ManageHub Success Score measures the organizational maturity of a channel partner using 6 Baldrige-based dimensions that are essential for achieving performance excellence. Further, we can customize the Success Score to assess the specific processes that are important to your trusted third-party network.

The Success Score Assessment generates a 25 page report that identifies specific gaps that require attention. Your channel partner can use the report to create a prioritized improvement plan.

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STEP #2: Accelerate

A certified ManageHub Channel Coach will help your partner quickly fill the gaps identified in their individual Success Score Assessment.

ManageHub's online collaboration platform minimizes the need for costly and disruptive onsite consultants and audits. Instead, your partner can receive online support from their personal ManageHub Channel Coach who can review process documentation and offer feedback when needed.

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STEP #3: Ongoing Monitoring & Coaching

Ongoing monitoring and coaching provides assurance that your channel partner is maintaining process discipline instead of simply going through the motions of filling out required documentation.

Ongoing monitoring and coaching turns the auditor into an advocate. It makes the participating company a partner in quality. Everyone focuses on achieving the goal of delivering excellence. If a participant falls short of expectations they receive the prompting and support they need to do better. Continuous measurable improvement leads to excellence. Excellence results in compliance.

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STEP #4: Reassessment & Award

As your partner's capabilities improve their certified ManageHub Channel Coach will use the Success Score to reassess their current maturity.

The ManageHub Success Score was developed in collaboration with the Alliance for Performance Excellence. The Alliance is the outreach arm of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. Baldrige is a worldwide standard of organizational excellence. It is one of the most researched and validated methods for achieving continuous, transformative, and breakthrough improvement. As your partner improves, their ManageHub Channel Coach can nominate them for an Alliance Award for Channel Excellence.

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Your channel partners receive the tools, training, and support they need to deliver consistent excellence.


Learn how you can apply our simple four step process to achieve channel excellence.


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Here is an example of a channel program customized to improve information security supply chains.

Information Security Supply Chain Program

"ManageHub Security Success offers you a simple, step-by-step approach to streamline and improve your security compliance program. We help you quickly build the organizational capabilities you need to achieve a high standard of security excellence. At the same time, we show how to engage your people, reduce cost, effort, and frustration." Steve Hunt, Hunt Business Intelligence

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ManageHub is proud to work with the Alliance for Performance Excellence

The Alliance is made up of 37 independent state and regional Baldrige-based outreach programs.

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Useful info

  • Our channel support programs are fully customization.
  • Channel Managers can customize the Success Score Assessment to include the review of specific processes that are important to your program.
  • Channel Managers determine how support is offered to vendors.
  • Channel Managers can customize progress reporting to identify high-performing and improving participants.