How Do I Use the Calendar and Event System

ManageHub calendar uses iCAL to integrate with your google or other online calendars. The events system includes a smart timezone feature that automatically adjusts meeting times to your invited guest’s individual timezone.


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Integrate With You Other Calendars Using iCAL…


Here are Google’s integration instructions:

Here are Outlook’s integration instructions:  (Please note their instructions includes the following statement: “This (ical)  link is an Internet Web address that begins with webcal://, instead of http://, and ends with a file name that has the .ics file extension.”  The link ManageHub uses does not fit this description but has been tested and it works. Please let us know if you have a problem.)

Please Note:  iCAL does not create an instant transfer of data between your ManageHub and Online Calendar. It can take time for your newly created events, project tasks, and todo assignments to appear on your google or outlook calendars.




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