Collaboration with a Purpose: Create your Virtual Business Model

A key innovation of ManageHub is the way it organizes your company into department workspaces and your departments into process workspaces. This transforms ManageHub from a simple social network into a powerful collaboration platform that is focused on innovation, and continuous improvement. ManageHub’s Virtual Business Model favors a flat organizational hierarchy. It focuses on processes, not job titles. It empowers front line employees to manage and improve their areas of responsibility. The first step needed to create this change is MangeHub’s Business Model Map.




ManageHub’s Virtual Business Model is a powerful Management tool. Use the Virtual Business Model Map to:

—Set up your ManageHub’s organizational structure.
—Assign responsibility to frontline employees.
—Identify operational gaps that need to be filled.
—Configure your business for maximum efficiency.
—Help employees understand how all the moving parts of your company work together and how they fit into the bigger picture.
—Communicate your company’s strategic plan. 
—Review your company, department, and process objectives, and to make sure they are complimentary and aligned. 

ManageHub’s Virtual Business Model depicts the relationship between your company’s departments, process, and employees. Processes are associated with their managing departments. Employees are associated with their assigned process areas. This simple structure allows you and your employees to understand how your business operates.